The easiest way to buy Bitcoin from the Internet in the currency of your country

The easiest way to buy Bitcoin from the Internet in the currency of your country

The easiest way to buy Bitcoin

The easiest way to buy Bitcoin from the Internet in the currency of your country

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  • How to buy bitcoin online
  • Advantages of buying Bitcoin through the e-commerce corner of Trident
  • How to buy bitcoins via Trident’s E-commerce Corner
  • Tips to buy bitcoin from Trident professionally

We talked in a previous topic about Bitcoin and we got to know about this distinctive currency, which is at the forefront of digital currencies in terms of value, and the crazy rise of the currency has led to the interest of all Internet users to acquire it, whether they have experience in the field or have no experience at all, and we have known as well On how to create a Blockchain wallet to store the currency in it, and thus we have completed most of what is required to deal in the currency, we have all the information about the currency, and we have the place where we can store the currency, so it remains for us to know the method of acquiring the currency, and in this article, God willing, we will learn how to buy Bitcoins from the Internet in the easiest way possible, and you will not need to buy Bitcoin with a Visa or a bank account using this method.

** Of course, there are many methods available on the Internet that you can rely on in order to buy Bitcoin, but these methods may be difficult for many, as buying Bitcoin with a Visa or MasterCard may require activating your account on the digital currency trading platforms from which you buy to be sure. The site is that you are already the owner of the card, and the same thing if you try to buy bitcoins using PayPal as it is almost impossible and you will also buy the currency at a very high price, but this method will solve all these problems **

How to buy bitcoin online


– We will rely in this way on dealing with financial intermediaries over the Internet, this deal will be guaranteed by one of the oldest and most famous Arab forums on the Internet, which is the Trident Forum, where the forum provides many financial intermediaries approved by the institute so that you can deal with them without any concern As each broker has paid a security deposit to the forum in order to do the mediation work, your money is safe and we will get to know that in detail in the next lines, and your dealings in this way will save you a lot of effort and money that you would have incurred if you followed another method, in addition to the advantages of this method Which we will mention with you in detail below, as the forum provides a corner for e-commerce that is a supply and demand market for all electronic banks as well as the famous digital currencies circulating on the Internet.


Advantages of buying Bitcoin through the e-commerce corner of Trident

  1. Transferring to your wallet is immediate, without having to wait for several days
  2. You will not need to use your cards or bank accounts to purchase currency
  3. You can buy Bitcoin with your country’s currency, so you don’t need anything else
  4. You don’t need to provide proof or otherwise like bitcoin selling sites
  5. Flexibility in the payment process, as all the payment methods you may have will suffice
  6. If you want to sell the currency, if its price increases, you can sell it in the same way we will use it
  7. Ease of making the Bitcoin buying process with a comparison of broker prices and choosing the best one
  8. If you have funds on banks like Neteller, Skrill, or others, you can sell it for bitcoin
  9. The institute guarantees your dealings with the broker as long as you will be inside the institute.

How to buy bitcoins via Trident’s E-commerce Corner

** After we got acquainted with an introduction to the method and its features, we will know how to implement it correctly. Follow the video below to see a practical explanation of how to buy currency from the forum and very important advice.

1- Go to the forum registration page from this link .

2- Type the required information on the registration page, then click on Complete Registration.


easiest way to buy Bitcoin

3- Go to your e-mail and click the activation link in the forum message.
4- After that, enter the e-commerce section of the forum from this link .

5- From the top, click on New Topic.

easiest way to buy Bitcoin
easiest way to buy Bitcoin
  • Prefix: in it you specify the nature of your subject, so we specify a purchase in order to buy the currency.
  • Title: Type a brief title on the subject such as “$ 100 Bitcoin is required”.
  • The message: You mention the topic in detail, that is, you specify the amount of the currency you want and the method you want to pay with, and then you review what you wrote again to make sure the information is correct.

7- After completion, scroll down a little and mark your reading of the conditions and laws of the corner, then click on “Adopt the new topic” and immediately your request is listed in the e-commerce section of the institute.

easiest way to buy Bitcoin

8- Within minutes, the financial intermediaries will present their offers within the topic that you have created. You can choose between the offers presented, and then you contact the broker with the best offer by clicking on “reply with quote”.

easiest way to buy Bitcoin

9- Then you write your response to the mediator inside this window without deleting the mediator’s response, then press from the bottom “Approve the response”.

easiest way to buy Bitcoin

10- Thus, after agreeing with the broker, he will send the transfer data according to the method used to send the value of the currency you want to buy, note that you send first and then the broker sends after that.

11- After completing the payment to the broker, you will make a response in which you confirm the payment process and put the address of your Bitcoin wallet and within a short period of time the broker will respond to you with the completion of the transfer process to your wallet.
** Thus, you will have obtained Bitcoin with ease.


Tips to buy bitcoin from Trident professionally

– Make sure that you are dealing with a financial broker and not a member on the forum, and you will find the broker’s file form a distinctive shape like the picture below and written on his file “Certified Financial Broker”, as well as you can access this page with all accredited brokers registered on the site. Make sure that you are dealing with one of these brokers .

– If you want to buy Bitcoin in a large amount, do not buy the amount in one payment, this is better for you, you can open whatever topics you want inside the corner as long as you deal with it in real and complete it, so it is better to divide that amount in batches, and this is for Caution and protect your money in the first place.

– Make sure that all your correspondence with the mediator is within the topic that you have created. You can contact the mediator via the numbers or social accounts that he provides to you and ask about prices, for example, or the financial compensation, but when it comes to financial dealings, you must do the correspondence within the subject in the institute only in order to protect Your right, as well as because you may be exposed to fraud by people who master in imitating brokers and their personal pages in order to deceive the dealers on the forum.


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The easiest way to buy Bitcoin

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