Explain dropshipping 2023 and how to get started

Explain dropshipping 2023 and how to get started

Explain dropshipping 2023 and how to get started

Explain dropshipping 2019 and how to get started

In the past few days, an article was published on e-commerce , in which I dealt with its definition, features, and the most important components on which it is based, after which a detailed guide was published on the steps for  creating a professional online store . Today, in the context of covering the idea of ​​creating a business online from all sides, we will talk about drop shipping.

Recently, the term drop shipping has become very popular, and it has become one of the important types of business on the Internet, and there are many who have achieved great successes through it, including many from Arab countries.

Note: In the article Steps to Create a Professional Online Store, I explained everything related to creating an online store, you should return to this article and read it, because here I will not repeat what he came up with, and I will only care about what is related to drop shipping in particular.

The article can be accessed from the link below:
Steps to create an online store

What is drop shipping?

Drop Shipping: a term made up of two words, but there are many who refer to it as one word and write this like Dropshipping, and its literal Arabic translation means dropping the shipping process, and drop shipping is a type of online business that belongs to the world of e-commerce, and in which the online store does not keep its stock, but Once the buyer makes a purchase order from one of the products offered in the online store, the store accordingly makes a purchase order from a third party, and the third party (wholesaler, other large store or factory) ships the product directly to the buyer.

From the previous explanation, it is clear that your online store in the case of Drop Shipping is just an intermediary, between the customer (buyer) and the wholesaler or factory, and therefore the profits here are the difference between the sale price and the purchase price.
Here is a picture showing the idea of ​​Drop Shipping in a simple way:

Drop Shipping business idea

The most important features of drop shipping

In our topic today, we will not directly talk about the defects or advantages of the routes shipping, but we will talk at this point specifically about the features that determine the shape and nature of this type of business, and by reading these features you can understand the obstacles that may face you, and also understand the features in your work in the paths Shipping.

You don’t necessarily have to own an online store to start shipping

There are many marketers who use well-known online stores, as an alternative platform to display products, for example you can use the Ebay store as a platform to display products from Ali Express by way of a dropshipping method, so when an eBay visitor views your product and makes a purchase order, you make a purchase order from Ali Express, The product arrives at the buyer’s address.
You can also use social media as a platform to display products.
Note: In our topic today, we talk about routes, in particular, by creating an online store.

In drop shipping, your store does not play a major role in the trade process, but is merely an intermediary.

The main pillars that underpin trade are: the factory that performs the production process, the wholesaler who buys from the factories in order to resell to the retailer, and the retailer that sells directly to the consumer (this represents most types of online stores in general).

With your business in drop shipping, your online store is just a channel that connects the consumer to the merchant or factory that provides the drop shipping service.

The shipping method does not need a lot of capital

As a dropshipping store owner, you will purchase from the wholesaler after you receive the purchase order from the consumer, here you do not have to keep any stock, this will not make you need a large capital to start, but this of course does not mean that there are expenses related to creating the online store, And marketing expenses you must keep in mind.

Drop shipping is a completely hidden process for the buyer

Your own store is the interface that the buyer will deal with, and it is assumed that the product reaches the buyer and has the name and logo of your store on its cover. The buyer in the drop shipping will not know anything about the wholesaler who owns the product, so the sale process for him is from your store that no one else knows, and if you encounter any problem, he will resort to you to solve it.

You don’t necessarily have to rely on a single source of products

In the drop shipping, you can display thousands of products from completely different sources, this is a very important feature, because the diversity of products will attract more buyers and help to achieve more sales.

But on the other hand, the diversity of product sources may be the cause of the buyer’s discomfort (for example: if the buyer buys two products at the same time, but from two different sources, this will make him logically expect them to arrive at the same time, because he assumes that they are from your store directly). As a dropshipping store owner, you should expect and prepare for it.

Dropshipping made the e-commerce process very easy and fast

The simple idea behind dropshipping allows anyone with some simple skills to enter the world of e-commerce. This represents an advantage for you, but it is an advantage for all of your competitors as well, and then this leads to a significant increase in the level of competition in drop shipping. This inevitably reduces the profit margin to get good sales.

What do I need to start drop shipping?

In this part, we will discuss together, the most important elements you need to start your business in an actual way in shipping.

1- Building an online store

There are many solutions and options available for creating an online store, and these solutions differ among themselves according to cost and ease, but any of them can be relied upon to create an online store for the purpose of Drop Shipping. In the Steps to Create an Online Store article, we covered these options in detail.
Here is a brief summary of each of them:

Programming companies
This represents the most expensive option and the slowest implementation, it is not suitable for beginners, but it is the ideal solution for large stores that need unique specifications and features.

WordPress and WooCommerce
is the cheapest option, it needs some skills to deal with WordPress and add WooCommerce, but with some time and effort anyone can handle it with ease. And because WordPress is an open source program, you will find tons of explanations and resources for learning anything of its own.

Specialized platforms Specialized
platforms represent an integrated solution for creating an online store. They are platforms that provide you with all the features and features you need in exchange for an amount you pay periodically (every month).

This option is the most widely used and widespread in the world of shipping, and it is the easiest solution ever, as these platforms literally provide you with everything you need, and they also provide a support service to help when needed.
One of the most famous of these platforms is the global Shopify platform  , and there is a specialized Arab platform called  Expand Cart .

2- Contracting with a dropshipping wholesaler (s)

This is a very sensitive and important point. There are a lot of suppliers that operate in the dropshipping method, and they might be wholesalers, supermarkets, or factories.

You have to determine your choices here precisely and according to your own circumstances, including the target market (the country in which you want to sell your products), and whether the supplier allows the products to be shipped to them or not, and also includes the nature of the products that you want to sell, as well as the prices provided by the suppliers and the extent of their suitability with you.

Here is a list of the most important sites that provide drop shipping service for stores:

aliexpress (the largest wholesale e-commerce site, with it you will find thousands of suppliers in all types of products that
enable the dropshipping system) Tinydeal (a Chinese site specializing in the shipping of electronic devices and smart phones)
Dropshipdirect (a site specializing in the shipping of thousands of suppliers and tens of thousands of products)
Tmart (site has various products of shoes, clothes, accessories and devices Alaketronah..k)

3- Setting the means of payment for buyers and suppliers

In the case of working in the drop shipping business, you have to set the method of payment for the buyers from your store, and you must also specify the method with which you will pay the suppliers. At this point , there are also a lot of options, the most important payment by Paypal (via Paypal is ), it is on the one hand means payment is acceptable to the majority of suppliers, and on the other hand you can easily adjust it to your store mail in order to be a way to receive money from buyers.

4- Create a marketing plan and build a brand for your store

Your success in drop shipping depends largely on your success in marketing, and working to get your store known among potential buyers. This includes creating advertising campaigns on social media and on Google Ads. Also, it should be noted here that marketing begins in terms of setting prices, carefully targeting the most appropriate market … etc.

In this regard, you should return to the subject of e-marketing , because of what it has with information that will help you market your store.

My goal in maza-dat is always to provide real benefit to the visitors, the website followers know that well. In this article, I presented an explanation of the idea of ​​shipping, and on what basis it is based, and explained in the points what you need to start with.

But success in shipping routes is based on many elements and contains many details, so I will conclude my topic here, with a group of the most important sources and courses to learn routes shipping, for everyone who really wants to start in this field with a thoughtful and deep knowledge.

The most important courses and resources for learning routes shipping

An integrated course in Arabic on YouTube (from Amazon to eBay without owning a store)

An integrated course on Dropshipping ( via AliExpress and Shopify ). This course is one of the best drop shipping courses on the Internet. (This course is now available on the Udemy platform for only $ 19.99.)
Today’s date is August 19, 2019, and the price may vary in the future.

A guide of 11 lessons provided by  Shopify

Free book provided by the Oberlo platform


The routes shipping is a relatively new field for us as Arabs, I tried on this subject to present a useful guide for everyone seeking to start in this field.

Drop shipping really represents a great opportunity for everyone seeking to create their online store, without going into the complexities and costs of owning a stock.

The Arab market is constantly growing, and the habits of buying through the Internet are on the increase. Do not be passive and spend your life wishing to enter this field, but start taking practical steps today to achieve your dream.
If you are interested in the idea of ​​selling online, and want an easy and free way to test your ideas, then you should try  Facebook Marketplace

Hurry Up!

Explain dropshipping 2019 and how to get started Explain dropshipping 2019 and how to get started Explain dropshipping 2019 and how to get started Explain dropshipping 2019 and how to get started

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